Tips & Tricks

We want to do everything we can to keep our best friends comfortable and secure. With all of the adventures we've been on using the Rubicon Dog travel system, we've found plenty of useful tips and tricks that can help to enhance your experience!

Training Your Dog to Embrace the Rubicon Dog

To allow your pets to be fully comfortable in their Rubicon Dog car seat, you should first teach them to associate the car seat with positive, pleasant experiences. This process is almost identical to crate training; start by placing your Rubicon Dog car seat in a place that your dogs are already comfortable with. Encourage them to spend time in their car seat by placing their favorite toys and treats in it. Show them that the car seat is a happy place where good things happen. By doing this, your dog will feel much more comfortable travelling with you when it's time for adventures!

Using the Rubicon Dog as a Table or a Storage Device

The Rubicon Dog car seat's flat top and bottom cause it to be fully stable when placed right side up and upside down. You can easily use your car seat as a table by flipping it upside down, which we've found to be very useful on camping trips and long road trips!

You can also use the Rubicon Dog car seat to store items such as wine bottles, pasta sauce jars, milk containers, wet clothes, dirty boots, or just about anything that could potentially make an awful mess!

Moving Your Car Seat

We designed the Rubicon Dog car seat to be lightweight and easy to transport, weighing only ~23 lbs with built-in carry handles. There are a couple of different ways to hold your car seat when moving it; first, you can simply hold it out in front of you, as shown. For even easier transport, you can also turn the car seat sideways, placing your body in the gap where the side doors would be placed. This will place most of the car seat's weight close to you and allow you to easily grab the handles, making it much easier to carry.

Have a Tip or Trick of Your Own?

We're very receptive to feedback about our product, and we love hearing about your experiences traveling with your pets. Some of our product's features and accessories have been directly inspired by our community's feedback! If you've found a new use for the Rubcion Dog or would like to share feedback or your own ideas, please feel free to reach out to us on social media or contact us directly!

Fits Any Vehicle

Meticulously crafted to effortlessly fit into the back-seat of almost any SUV, sedan, pickup, or van, we created Rubicon Dog to make the perfect companion for both quick rides and extended road trips!

Its smart forward-facing design, complete with convenient side entries, ensures it occupies just one spot in your rear seating, leaving ample space for passengers, belongings, or even the option to add a second Rubicon Dog system. This is the ultimate travel solution for you and your best friend.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Our dedicated engineering team has crafted the Rubicon Dog Car System to be tough, rugged, and built to withstand your dog's entire life of adventures. Our patent-pending design provides unparalleled lateral support, creating a secure and comforting environment.

We've taken inspiration from 60 years of child car seat technology and reverse engineered it to fit the anatomy of our dogs. We implemented the same double-walled plastic construction as the top brand coolers, for unmatched strength and durability. What's more, we've expertly trimmed away the insulation, ensuring a lightweight design that keeps your pet's comfort at the forefront.

All-in-one System

Experience peace of mind on every adventure with the Rubicon Dog travel system – each package comes complete with a rock climbing-rated tether and carabiner, expertly linked to the seat belt and compatible with most harnesses ensuring your furry friend stays securely during your travels.

The Perfect Fit

Rubicon Dog is tailor-made for medium and large-sized dogs, ensuring they travel in utmost comfort. If your furry friend uses a standard medium or intermediate size kennel at home, this thoughtful design guarantees ample space for them to sit or lie down comfortably throughout your journey. Say goodbye to cramped travel for your pet – with Rubicon Dog, they'll enjoy every trip to the fullest!

Easy Clean

Give your Rubicon Dog a quick hose down, and witness how effortlessly the sand, hairdirt, and liquid wash away. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to a spotless and fresh travel companion!

Secure Transport

The Rubicon Dog car seat is engineered to withstand the challenges of rough terrain. The reinforced walls offer stability and support, allowing your dog to feel confident and secure while traversing bumpy trails and rugged landscapes.

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