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At Rubicon Dog™, our team is committed to creating innovative and purposeful products that prioritize the safety and comfort of our canine companions. We are driven by our love for dogs and our commitment to revolutionizing the way we travel with our furry friends. 

Christina Johnson, Co-founder

Alex Florea, Co-founder

Introducing Alex and Christina, the passionate team behind the Rubicon Dog™ car seat. As dedicated dog lovers, their vision was to create a safer and more comfortable travel solution for our canine companions, driven by their love for large dogs and their adventurous spirits.

Inspired by his experiences on the Rubicon Trail with his Labrador Retriever, Buddy, Alex embarked on a quest to find a better solution for safely and comfortably transporting large dogs in vehicles. On Thanksgiving Day in 2020, he approached Christina with the idea for the Rubicon Dog™ car seat, and the rest is history.

The Rubicon Dog™ team is committed to creating products that we ourselves want to use and believe in. We spent nearly two years perfecting the design of the Rubicon dog car seat, testing different materials, and creating dozens of prototypes to ensure it meets the needs of all dog owners who love to travel with their companions.

Our mission is simple - to make it easier for you to take your best friend anywhere you want to go. Camping, beach trips, hiking trails - everything's better with your dog by your side. We want you to enjoy these adventures together, so we've worked hard to craft the best product to help make that happen.

Rubicon Dog is a bootstrapped company, launched in 2020. The company came into being by pondering meaningfully on one of the major problems that pet owners face on their adventure trips with dogs. Taking pets on hassle-free adventures to anywhere without injury, or car discomfort. The birth of the company took place in an old jeep, off-roading on the famous Rubicon Trail around the Sierra Nevada Mountain.

Founder image

Alex Florea - Founder

"After another bumpy ride I knew I needed something new"

While being away from the city, practicing social distancing in the wilderness with their favorite "Black Labrador Retriever" and "Rubicon Dog", the founders, Alex Florea and Christina Johnson, absorbed the main highlights of the trip and understood the immediate need of adding conveyance to everyone’s dog adventures. Taking pets to the difficult terrains without giving them speedy shakes and bumps was at the heart of the idea. Finally, their first hand exposure to the problems during the trip genuinely painted a bigger picture for the founders: from ideation to execution and initiated the development of the first dog car seat!

Need of the Hour

With deep realisation from excursion and juggling a couple of ideas to innovate & disrupt the pet transport market, we analysed that pet owners were still deprived of a real solution that would enable them to plan hassle-free car adventures with special focus on safety and conveyance. We first forayed into the development of the children's car seat and understood the dynamics of its seating, positioning and the level of threshold it offers on the bumpy and uneven terrains for pets. 

Product image

Design & Feel - Engineered To Perfection!

We started the design process by jotting down the list of major features that would make a difference in using the new car dog seat whilst paying special attention to hair retention, dirt, water, and building a forward-facing seat that will accommodate the dog car safety harness and keep it tethered to your car's seat belt. In its entirety, the concept was to provide 360-protection for dogs and mimic the "bucket seat" design available in the sports cars for maximum grip during commute. The founders sat, pondered, and experimented with lumber & plywood, jigsaw and table saw until the design was perfected with all its features enabled, checked & mastered. It took us a year and a half until we got ready for mass production.

Plan Your Next Hassle-Free Adventures with Rubicon Dog Seats

We take pride in revolutionizing the way you socialize and plan adventures with your dogs by providing in-car comfort, and travel luxury using our seats. It’s time to take your pets to the lakes, mountains, to the snowy spots, and on to the most picturesque terrains without dirtying the car interior, or making the furry-friends feel the “Bumps N Shakes” of the adventure trips especially in the wild.As Rubicon's dog car seats offer maximum grip, right sitting angle comfort, and physical threshold, you can plan your hassle-free adventure to your favorite locations without stressing on pet's traveling well-being. With our specially engineered, dog-size seats, Take your furry-friends to the sea for some splash or camp in the wilderness, Rubicon ensures that your dog's commute is as safe as yours with our well-thought out & safety-based dog car seats for pet owners.

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