Rubicon Dog™ in the Wild

Here at Rubicon Dog™, we've had the privilege of participating in some remarkable events. We're committed to bringing our top-quality pet transportation solutions to the public, and we love hearing your feedback!

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First public reveal at Overland Expo 2023

At Overland Expo 2023, we proudly showcased our Rubicon Dog™ car seat travel system in our first public reveal! We presented our innovative creation to fellow outdoor enthusiasts, showcasing how our car seat enhances the way pets explore the great outdoors. As always, we love hearing your feedback and hearing about your experiences traveling with your best friends!

We even got to see the Rubicon Dog™ car seat in action, giving our fellow adventurers their first chance to try it! To none of our surprise, everybody loved it... especially their canine companions!

Pet industry reveal at SuperZoo 2022

In 2022, we introduced the Rubicon Dog™ car seat to the pet industry at SuperZoo 2022, setting a new standard for pet transportation. This first step into the pet industry was a landmark on our journey of innovation and development, providing us invaluable feedback and allowing us to connect with the people and pets we designed our product for!

At SuperZoo, we had the pleasure of engaging with pet industry professionals and fellow enthusiasts. Our co-founders, Alex and Christina, are committed to making meaningful connections in the community, and would love to meet you at future events!