What sets Rubicon Dog™ apart from other pet travel products?

The Rubicon Dog™ car seat is an innovative, patent pending dog car seat that was developed because there is nothing like it on the market for transporting our dogs. Unfortunately, most dogs are left to freely roam loose in vehicles, which is unsafe for both the dog and the occupants of the car. There are other pet products that attempt to address the security and comfort for the dog, while protecting the vehicle’s interior, however none can address all of the items the Rubicon Dog™ car seat can.

  • Back seat hammocks. These take up the entire back seat and are mainly designed to keep hair and dry dirt off the seats. The dog has no lateral support, is usually not secured in a car harness, and the car’s interior is not protected from any liquids.
  • Traditional plastic kennels. These are very bulky and take up most of the back seat. They are not strapped down to the vehicle’s seat or seat belt, are not compatible with a dog car harness and do not allow for interactions with the dog while driving. They do protect the vehicle’s interior from hair, dirt and liquids. Additionally, you can usually only fit one kennel in your car at once, depending on the size of the vehicle. We only recommend kennels when all the vehicle’s seats are taken up and the only options are to put the dog in the cargo area of a SUV or the bed of a truck.
  • Dog car harness by itself. We love dog car harnesses as they secure dogs just like seat belts secure adults and 5-point harnesses secure babies in child car seats. The Rubicon Dog™ car seat was designed to work with most dog harnesses on the market. However, just by itself, the dog car harness does nothing to protect the vehicle’s interior from hair, dirt or liquids, and places the dog on a seat designed for adult humans. This means the dog has no physical support under normal driving conditions and gets flung around the back seat under any sudden braking or swerving, resulting in a higher propensity for anxiety and car sickness.
  • Direct collar to seat belt tether. While inexpensive and easy to use, this is our least favorite option because the dog is essentially clotheslined and flung around by its neck in a collision. The vehicle’s interior is not protected from hair, dirt or liquids and the dog has no physical support under normal driving conditions, just like using a dog car harness without a Rubicon Dog™ car seat.

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