How It Works

Easy Set Up

Our product was designed with convenience in mind, ensuring a stress-free setup process that takes only seconds. No complicated instructions or tools needed, and minimal assembly required – just a few simple steps, and you'll be ready to embark on unforgettable adventures with your best friend!

1. Place It In Your Back Seat

The Rubicon Dog™ travel system is compatible with most 4-door sedans, wagons, SUVs, and trucks. To begin installing the car seat, simply move your front seat forward and place the car seat on the right or left back seat, through the back door in the direction shown. The Rubicon Dog™ car seat was designed to be easy to transport, weighing only ~23 pounds with built-in carry handles.

2. Strap It In

The Rubicon Dog™ car seat works with your current seat belt system! Simply buckle the car seat in as you would with any other child car seat. This will ensure that the car seat can't tip forwards, and will limit the lateral movement of the seat. You can place your Rubicon Dog™ car seat in the back left or back right seat, and you can even install multiple car seats at once!

(Optional) Secure the Car Seat

The leverage provided by your seatbelt is more than enough to keep your car seat secure. However, to even better secure the car seat, push the front seat back. Ensure that the car seat fits snugly between the front seat and the back seat. This will lock the car seat in place, ensuring the security of your fellow adventurers!

3. Place Your Dog In the Car Seat

Your dog should be able to fit in their car seat with plenty of space to sit or lie down, facing the front of the vehicle. The Rubicon Dog™ car seat has internal dimensions of 27" x 17" and is recommended for dogs weighing 40-80lbs, or most dogs who currently fit in a medium or intermediate size kennel. Our carseat was designed to sit parallel to the ground to provide the most comfortable experience for your best friend!

4. Tether Your Dog

Each Rubicon Dog™ travel system includes a rock climbing-rated tether and carrabiner which connects to the seat belt. This is compatible with most harnesses, designed to keep your dog secure at all times. The tether is purposefully elevated to ensure that your dog doesn't become tangled with their harness.

5. Install the Side Doors

To install the side doors, simply slide them in from the top. It's that simple! Having strongly secured side doors provides lateral support to help your dog feel secure, much like how bucket seats work for people. Keep in mind that in some cases, you may choose not to use the side door closest to the door, or you may find that your pet is secure enough without either of the side doors.


After your next adventure, cleaning your Rubicon Dog™ car seat is easy! Simply hose it down and watch the mud, sand, and hair wash away!

That's It!

You and your best friend are now ready to use the Rubicon Dog™ travel system! Experience peace of mind knowing that your pet is secure and comfortable throughout your entire journey.

Fits Any Vehicle

Meticulously crafted to effortlessly fit into the back-seat of almost any SUV, sedan, pickup, or van, we created Rubicon Dog to make the perfect companion for both quick rides and extended road trips!

Its smart forward-facing design, complete with convenient side entries, ensures it occupies just one spot in your rear seating, leaving ample space for passengers, belongings, or even the option to add a second Rubicon Dog system. This is the ultimate travel solution for you and your best friend.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Our dedicated engineering team has crafted the Rubicon Dog Car System to be tough, rugged, and built to withstand your dog's entire life of adventures. Our patent-pending design provides unparalleled lateral support, creating a secure and comforting environment.

We've taken inspiration from 60 years of child car seat technology and reverse engineered it to fit the anatomy of our dogs. We implemented the same double-walled plastic construction as the top brand coolers, for unmatched strength and durability. What's more, we've expertly trimmed away the insulation, ensuring a lightweight design that keeps your pet's comfort at the forefront.

All-in-one System

Experience peace of mind on every adventure with the Rubicon Dog travel system – each package comes complete with a rock climbing-rated tether and carabiner, expertly linked to the seat belt and compatible with most harnesses ensuring your furry friend stays securely during your travels.

The Perfect Fit

Rubicon Dog is tailor-made for medium and large-sized dogs, ensuring they travel in utmost comfort. If your furry friend uses a standard medium or intermediate size kennel at home, this thoughtful design guarantees ample space for them to sit or lie down comfortably throughout your journey. Say goodbye to cramped travel for your pet – with Rubicon Dog, they'll enjoy every trip to the fullest!

Easy Clean

Give your Rubicon Dog a quick hose down, and witness how effortlessly the sand, hairdirt, and liquid wash away. Say goodbye to the mess and hello to a spotless and fresh travel companion!

Secure Transport

The Rubicon Dog car seat is engineered to withstand the challenges of rough terrain. The reinforced walls offer stability and support, allowing your dog to feel confident and secure while traversing bumpy trails and rugged landscapes.